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Dear visitor! Thank you for your greetings in my guestbook! To express my gratitude I'll do my best to update this site and as soon as I can.

Please use the guestbook to give me your feedback and comments! Tell me what is nice and what isn't and what you'd like to see here in the future.

Thanks for visiting !

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New jokes section added

There's now a new section on this site with some very funny jokes (at least I think so) that I found somewhere on the WWW. So go ahead and laugh your brains out!

Updated spam prevention

Due to heavy spamming in the guestbook recently, I had to change the spam prevention mechanism. There's now a new CAPTCHA up and running on the form. I hope you'll still be able to read the code.

We have moved

Today, the websites site and moved to a new server. The actual domain switch should take place in the next few days. The new server offers newer versions of PHP and MySQL, so you should soon notice some new features on these sites. One major reason for the move was to get rid of the spam hitting especially the guestbook. PHP 5 simply offers better alternatives for implementing spam protection.

Contact form temporarily removed

Unfortunately, due to some recent abuse by some malicious persons, I had to deactivate the contact form on the website for now. If you need to get in touch please use either the guestbook or the e-mail address provided in the footer section instead. If you've used the contact form the last month and I haven't replied to you yet, please contact me again via regular e-mail!

Hopefully, I'll be able to reactivate the contact form soon...sorry for the inconvenience.

Guestbook added

The website has been extended with a brand new guestbook. Please feel free to add to it!